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I Naga

At I Naga you are guaranteed a warm welcome, we are dedicated to provide you with an unobtrusive, seamless service. Our pledge is to provide the discerning diners with a classic rendition of the subcontinents most exclusive gastronomy Contemporary Indian Flavour. The spices are handled with all the expertise required to exquisitely balance the vintage aromas and flavours of the cuisine to enable the connoisseur to enjoy his or her meal. The restaurant is located in Coney Hall, West Wickham. The restaurant is stylish and modern with an extremely friendly atmosphere. The dishes at Naga are prepared with both conviction and a strong held belief that Indian cuisine is not about 'heat' but more about a marriage of fine aromatic fresh herbs and spices. Naga Indian restaurant's cuisine is versatile ranging from the extremely mild to the richly pungent, offering a vast varied menu, choosing only the freshest, natural ingredients, wholesome sauces and flavourful spices.